Designer Fashion Hilton Head


Cartise has been developing unique designer fashion for the the “real woman” for nearly 40 years. Their brand is best known for beautiful clothing that fits most body types that permits women to express their own personal style.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is an internationally recognized brand whose designs are known for being simple, sensual, beautiful, timeless and functional. The brand’s clean lines, simple designs and sensual shapes have become a namestay in the fashion industry. Eileen Fisher clothing strives to balance the timeless with the modern, as well as function with beauty.

Eva Varro

Eva Varro is a designer look at non-designer prices. Eva Varro garments are expertly constructed with high-quality fabrics that fit perfectly, that are washable and wrinkle free. She is known for her artfully handcrafted garments that enhance a woman’s figure and are designed to fit every woman’s shape, from the perfect to the not so perfect body types.


Finley designs exude casual elegance — which make them perfect for the professional and social woman. Hand-tailored in the United States, Finley’s flagship merchandise are shirts that are feminine and tailored for the modern woman. The quality craftsmanship also can be found in dresses, jackets, ball skirts and tunics.

Frank Lyman

Frank Lyman designs are for a woman who is sure of herself, is a little bit rebellious and strives to be unique. His designs accentuate femininity with dresses, tunics or leggings that are always seductive and exciting.

Hilary Radley for Katherine Barclay

The Hilary Radley collection includes outwear, knitwear, dresses, blouses, tops and bottoms. The brand’s signature styling features classic pieces that droves of customers have come to expect and rely on, highlighted with the latest trends of the moment.


Joules is a beloved family lifestyle brand in Britain that emphasizes clothing and  accessories for women who are bright and colorful but their clothing is quite the contrary.

Kinross Cashmere

designer fashion hilton head

As the premier brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere, Kinross embraces nature, modern design and durability that allows them to transcend fleeting trends. This luxury cashmere designer clothing is effortlessly soft and sophisticated, evoking an elegant and timeless style for everyday living.


The Komarov collection is is made from yarns that are meticulously selected and created specifically for the brand’s special pleating process. Each piece — dresses, tops and blouses, skirts, jackets, sweaters and pants — conforms or expands to fit the body so it is uniquely your own. The collection is hand or machine washable, wrinkle free and light weight. It’s ideal for the busy business or leisure traveler who wants to look chic at a moment’s notice without the need for dry cleaning.

Lauren Vidal

Lauren Vidal designer fashions give the contemporary woman her own image — creating purely light styles with unstructured volumes. The designer fashion brand is designed to fit and flatter with quality fabrics, distinctive details and exclusive prints. The easy care wardrobe that’s wash and wear is designed to take you from a.m. to p.m. Many items in key styles are outfitted with slenderizing panels that fit everyone’s unique shape.

Margaret O’Leary

Renowned for its rich collections of cutting-edge knitwear, Margaret O’Leary clothing is infused with relaxed sensibility and a California Chic aesthetic, with just a hint of the designer’s native Ireland. Always produced using the finest yarns, including the company’s favorite Scottish cashmere, each piece is made with the care and consideration.

Minnie Rose

Minnie Rose is a luxury cashmere and knitwear brand that evokes a sophisticated yet playful attitude, attracting strong and successful women all over the globe. The designer fashion brand offers cardigans, pullovers, shawls and ruanas, dresses and bottoms.


Nic+Zoe’s is a clothing brand that makes it easy for women living with creatively inspired style to wear designer clothing. The brand’s distinctive apparel moves with you throughout your day with cardigans, sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, and coats and jackets made with high quality yarns.

Petit Pois

Designer Viviana Gabeiras’ Petit Pois brand of a woman’s complete wardrobe exemplifies her handiwork with luxury knits and sheer stretch fabrics.